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About Me

Sarah Carter LMT 
BSc Midwifery, Licensed Massage Therapist OBMT #023507

My aim is to support women in having a happy, healthy relationship with their bodies.
The world we live in can take its toll on our relationship with our bodies. Low self-esteem, poor body image, trauma, medical procedures and diagnoses, abuse, disordered eating, aging, injury, and chronic pain can all damage or break our ability to live comfortably in our own skin. Positive touch can help heal those breaks and guide us in finding comfort and ease. 

I have a decades-long passion for women's health, which has taken me down various paths, most recently into massage and body work. I am an avid reader and sometimes writer, and a believer in storytelling of all origins. I love water of all types, especially rivers, lakes, and the ocean, and was very disappointed as a child when the adults in my life informed me I couldn't be a mermaid when I grew up.  I try to satisfy myself with water aerobics classes at the Y. I love to grow flowers, care for my chickens, admire other people's dogs, and cuddle my parents' cat. 

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